How to measure cushions for foam cut to size

Foam cut to size

If you are looking for foam cut to size, or to replace your existing inner, we’d love to help out. As we know it can be a bit tricky to know what exact details we require, we thought it would be fabulous to create this step by step guide just for you!

Measuring foam for a quotation

First things first; we need to know how big a piece of foam you would like.

1. Measure the length of the cushion, at its longest part

2. Measure the width of the cushion, at its widest part. This cushion, for example, is an ‘L’ shape so we measure the width of the base of the ‘L’

3. Measure the depth of the cushion. If the cushion has a valance, this should provide an accurate enough measurement.

You should then have all the measurements required!

Choosing your foam grade

Here is the fun part; choosing your grade foam! We would love to meet you at either one of our showrooms to try out the foams for yourself. We’ll help you to find the perfect one to suit your use and preference. From a supportive firm foam to a foam you can really sink into, we have 10+ options to choose from.

Adding a dacron wrap

Foam is an excellent choice of filling for minimum care and maximum usage, but we know that sometimes it doesn’t look all too appealing.We often recommend a dacron (polyester) wrap to plump your cushions in their covers. This not only makes them look more inviting, it makes them softer to sink into as well.

Feather and fibre

Alongside foam cut to size, we also offer a service where we can supply feather or fibre cushions, entirely dependent on your preference.

Foam cut to size or replacing existing?

Whether you require a brand new piece of foam for a window seat, for example, or whether you’re replacing existing inners we can provide you with a free written quotation. If you are replacing the cushions in a cover we can return the cushions already inside in the covers, saving you the hassle of swapping old with new.

Get measuring!

So now you hopefully feel equipped to measure your cushions. Get in touch today for a quote to supply foam cut to size or replace your existing cushions. If you have any trouble, please do not hesitate to give us a call.