Why Can Furniture Restoration Be More Beneficial Than Buying New?

Upcycling has become a lot more apparent as a hobby in recent years, with more people choosing to reupholster their old furniture, rather than electing to buy something new. This can not only be a fun project, but it will likely be good for the environment too!

As well as helping the environment, something many people don’t consider when it comes to upholstering, is that it is often cheaper than buying new. This is because it’s more cost effective to buy your own tools and fabric, but it is also cheaper to extend the life of your furniture for multiple decades rather than buying new, poorly produced furniture which will deteriorate rapidly. This also means that In the event that upholstery could cost you more than buying new, it is always going to be an unparalleled investment.

Every year in Britain alone, 1.6 tonnes of furniture, including 150,000 sofas, end up in landfills; contributing considerably to our global warming impact. Upholstery can help you help the environment by making your furniture last rather than adding to these numbers. On top of this, modern furniture is poorly manufactured and mass produced, so to not upholster perfectly restorative furniture has a serious negative impact on the environment. You’re also saving the trees by not buying into the current mass production of wooden furniture! To help you even further with your projects, we can recommend some eco-friendly fabrics, such as recycled cotton, fabrics entirely or partially containing linen and potentially faux leather.

A great upside to upholstery rather than buying new is that your furniture is always going to be a custom piece! You have sole input over the design so you can completely personalise your furniture. And fundamentally, upholstery can make for a great hobby.